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The Pivot to India
This change is already extending to India's foreign policy, including the strategic partnership between our countries. How to take full advantage of this unique moment will be the key question when Modi meets with … We affirmed that India and the …
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Afghanistan's New Leaders Are Committed, The U.S. Should Be, Too
In fact, even within the context of the danger posed from ISIL, Afghanistan is in fact home to groups sympathetic to the Islamic State and thus, support to the Afghan government should remain in the forefront of U.S. foreign policy and strategic …
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Ted Cruz's foreign policy mess: Talk tough, blow everything up, repeat as
Cruz voiced extreme skepticism of the deal at the time, and later lashed out at the administration for giving Vladimir Putin the chance to look good: “If U.S. foreign policy is so bungled that it makes Putin seems like the good guy and an advocate for …
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U.S. Strikes Haven't Beaten ISIS in Iraq. Can They Do So in Syria?
Plus, U.S. airstrikes have changed the public's perception that the Islamic State is on the march, which is an important tool to recruit new foreign fighters, Rand said. "You need to knock the wind out of their sails so that all of these recruits aren …
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