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  1. Neoliberalism is an ideology that can be categorized on the right. Both
    Democrats and Republicans are neoliberals. They aren’t conservative or

  2. 67NewEngland on

    Neither man is completely correct in my opinion. What I see happening in
    most park systems I visit is public or nonprofit ownership with private
    company maintenance and operations. But both Tom and his guest don’t
    consider this to be the example they are debating even though it is the
    majority that seems to exist.

  3. I’m not opposed to privatization of struggling public assets per se, we
    should always keep open minds, but the idea that privatization is always or
    even almost always a good thing is highly disputable. Institutions that are
    “natural monopolies” tend to be fundamentally high-cost, low margin
    institutions. They provide valuable public services, but typically struggle
    with efficiency and profitability just due to the nature of the service
    provided. You can find plenty of examples, not just in the US but also in
    Europe, where privatization of public assets just ended up basically
    amounting to: 1. The state sells off public assets at fire sale prices to
    the private sector, meaning a net loss for the public sector. 2. The
    private sector ends up experiencing the same problems that the public
    sector did, and so they try to become more efficient and profitable by
    either cutting services or increasing the price the public pays for
    existing services. 3. The state ends up intervening by “bailing out” or
    increasing requirements/regulations on the now-privatized institution. In
    other words, it is not a magical panacea like some people seem to think.
    Context is everything, and the general public should definitely have a say
    in the outcome. 

  4. judyleasugar97 on

    That’s because the good jobs were taken away and sent overseas. Why didn’t
    the city fail when they still had union manufacturing?

  5. Its not on the State to provide funding for a incompetent city.
    Municipalities have to balance a budget for a reason and for themselves.
    You dont bailout failure. No matter what. The same should have been done
    with the Banks just like Iceland did and they recovered quickly because of

  6. Their is actual jobs being created in California and many of their
    municipalities are not corrupt but led by sincere representatives who use
    the tax money well to bring in such people. They may pay the higher tax but
    they get much in return while in cesspools like Detroit you dont even get
    half the lights working in the City which should be automatic.

  7. As long as money operates as it does I just can’t see Libertarianism
    working. The profit motive is destructive and makes people prioritize
    short-term fortune and decadence while letting the poor and future
    generations pay the difference. We really need to fundamentally change the
    monetary system.

  8. I am thinking . Watch this along with this one. TRIFECTA: Detroit
    Bankruptcy: How Liberalism & Unions Bankrupted the Motor City (Part 1) –
    Google This There are Two parts Along with this. The Truth About Detroit’s
    Bankruptcy – YouTube .

  9. It is free trade to have work over seas it IS a global market. It is the
    way of the world now. And people must do what they must. DO YOU want New
    DEAL make work jobs that are made from borrowed money from the Fed just
    like Roosevelt did? Really were does the money come from? And tarifs are
    monopolies that come back to hurt other Americans. Bank loans fail but that
    depends on the borrower. But I believe that you are one that wants mother
    government to artificially make the world right for you.

  10. Not the case. Ford plant in Wayne Michigan and many other cities with
    favorable city regulations have manufacturing still there.

  11. AH jeeez Liberals live in a world of their own make believe. Go look up the
    Community Reinvestment Act on Wikipedia. But you will believe what you wish
    and live comfi in that world of make believe and pissed offness.

  12. What a dope! The CRASH had a TON to do with the Community Reinvestment Act
    made by liberal government and inFORCED by liberal government. And
    un-principaled capitalists took advantage of this statist enforcement. GOOD
    GOD you hate those that have done well for themselves. What about ALL those
    that have done well and contribute? B BITCH! lil pissi liberal bitch.

  13. Detroit has one of the highest corporate tax rates, utility rates and
    property tax rates in the nation. People dont want to work their nor build
    factories there so they go to tax friendly suburbs / surrounding cities
    around Detroit . You can thank the Municipal government of Detroit for
    their demise on this one. And if you still dont get it after watching both
    videos then dont bother with the truth.

  14. Michael Gibb on

    That is why tax evasion is actually a crime. Although as to whether it is
    enforced is another issue.