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Supreme Court Poised For A Do-Over On Obamacare
The majority of Americans who continue to oppose Obamacare should be greatly pleased to learn that the Supreme Court is likely to get a do-over on this misguided and too-often-lawlessly-implemented law. Ours is a nation of fresh starts and second …
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Obamacare Mystery: Why Can't You Buy Vision Coverage?
A spokeswoman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversees the Obamacare exchanges, declined to comment. She referred to an agency document (PDF) confirming that stand-alone vision plans can't be offered on the health …
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Massachusetts ObamaCare Website Transition To Cost Taxpayers Over B
The transition to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Massachusetts has been a bumpy one, to say the least. The state still lacks a functional website and currently has almost 300,000 individuals on a newly created “transitional” Medicaid (MassHealth …
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National Republicans mark 'unhappy' ObamaCare anniversary
In their most recent vote on ObamaCare, House Republicans passed a bill in mid-September that would have allowed employers to continue offering some group health plans even if they didn't comply with the law. The bill will not move past the …
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