Californians Disenchanted with Obama as He Fundraises Again in Golden State


Californians Disenchanted with Obama as He Fundraises Again in Golden State
Consequently, he's had little time to push his progressive domestic agenda that once made him popular in the Golden State. Mark DiCamillo, a director for the California Field Poll, points out about Obama's descending approval … By comparison, Obama …
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Farm animals, alley assessments top Preston City Council agenda
“I was contacted by Bernice (Penrose) with some questions about updating the barn that sits on their property, which led to a conversation about what their intent of the property was and at that point it became clear to me the Penroses intended to have …
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Arizona Dems: ICYMI: Arizona Republic Highlights Ducey's Support for Harsh
"The Doug Ducey-Cathi Herrod agenda is just plain wrong for Arizona women and families. We don't need our employers telling us whether … 21 , Ducey said he would take time to read the bill before taking a stance. A day later, he said as governor he …
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Can Ted Cruz Sway a Key Senate Race In Kansas?
Cruz is referring to Roberts standing with him during his 21-hour filibuster in protest of the Affordable Care Act in late September 2013. The move brought scrutiny from moderates inside the Republican Party and helped make Cruz one of the … Roberts …

Letter: UN not controlling New Bedford politics
… View: Community Preservation Act a part of one-world conspiracy," Oct. 8) has lumped the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District in with his usual list of boogeyman culprits trying to control the world through the UN Agenda …


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